Benefits Of Buying A Certified Pre-Owned Mercedes-Benz

November 30th, 2016 by

2017 Mercedes Benz

Why Buy a Mercedes-Benz CPO Vehicle?

Luxury Car for Regular Car Price

This is often a big reason why consumers will purchase a used luxury car – you’re getting a luxury-class vehicle for the cost of a regular car! If it’s always been your dream to own a Mercedes-Benz but your budget is an issue, CPO programs make affordability possible.

Peace of Mind

Any and all vehicles that go through the certification process are subjected to an impressive and incredibly tough inspection. This includes a general inspection, an engine check, an inspection of the electrical systems, an undercarriage check, a road test, and much more. Even after the road test, the vehicle is inspected again. Quality is important at Mercedes-Benz, and we have to ensure all CPO vehicles are almost like-new.


Worried about getting a used car because it doesn’t have a warranty? Mercedes-Benz CPO vehicles come standard with a 1-year/unlimited mile warranty. Plus, all authorized Mercedes-Benz dealerships nationwide will honor this warranty.

Additional Benefits

If you aren’t immediately satisfied with your vehicle within seven days or 500 miles, Mercedes-Benz allows you to return it in exchange for another CPO vehicle. You can also call for 24/7 roadside assistance, and if your vehicle breaks down during a trip, Mercedes-Benz will reimburse you up to $300 a day for three days if you’re forced to stay overnight in a hotel.

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